Common Fund

What is the Common Fund? 

We as people of faith want to help our neighbors in need. But what is the best way to help those asking? Congregations are routinely approached for assistance and have similar difficulties determining whether a request ofr assistance is really legitimate. Even if the need is valid, will a cash contribution actually get used for its purpose? The decisons are tough to make.

In response to these concerns, the Common Fund was created by the Consultation of Religious Communities. The Crisis Center at 1121 Gilbert Court was chosen to administer the Common Fund because of its long term experience and skills in handling crisis situations.

 How does it work? 

 The Fund is designed to help those who "fall through the cracks" and are not elligible for other assistance for one reason or another. Through referral to the Crisis Center, requests for assistance are handled by a social worker or trained volunteer. The client is provided not only financial assistance but also guidance in addressing the underlying causes to help prevent the situation from recurring. Funds are not given directly in cash to the recipients but are in the form of vouchers or checks directed to the need. An example would be a voucher to a gas station, or a check to a utilities company to prevent service cut-off. Individuals and families may receive up to $300 annually in Common Fund assistance. This service provides pastors the option of referring decisions to individuals skills in handling assessment about the best way to respond to a requested need.

Typically the Common Fund covers needs such as medications, eyeglasses, work boots, bus passes, photo identification, auto repairs, security deposits, and prevention of utility shut-offs or evictions which, when unaddressed, can lead to prolonged unemployment, hunger and homelessness.

By combining resources we have the opportunity to provide for our neighbors’ basic needs while creating a plan for a brighter future. Supporting others during critical moments has the potential to improve lives and strengthen our community. 

Forging a clear path toward stability and self-sufficiency requires knowledge resources and support. Please consider joining us in this endeavor for the common good. Every dollar contributed to the Common Fund goes directly to help members of our community who are in need.

How Can I Help?
Donations to the Common Fund can be given through your local congregation or by direct mail. Checks should be made out to The Consultation of Religious Communities and marked "Common Fund" on the memo line.

Donations may be sent to:

The Consultation of Religious Communities
P.O. Box 2025
Iowa City, IA 5224