Common Fund

What is the Common Fund? 

We as people of faith want to help our neighbors in need. But what is the best way to help those asking? Congregations are routinely approached for assistance and have similar difficulties determining whether a request ofr assistance is really legitimate. Even if the need is valid, will a cash contribution actually get used for its purpose? The decisons are tough to make.

In response to these concerns, the Common Fund was created by the Consultation of Religious Communities. CommUnity (formerly the Crisis Center) at 1121 Gilbert Court was chosen to administer the Common Fund because of its long term experience and skills in handling crisis situations.

How does it work? 
Common Fund supports the CommUnity's Basic Needs Program, specifically for housing & utilities:-Requests (Mondays at 11 am; JC residents can call in at 9-11 am) handled by social worker or trained volunteer.
-Client receives guidance in addressing underlying causes to help prevent situation from recurring. 
-Must have past-due bill &, if threat of disconnection or eviction, must be able to pay all but last $100 on the bill.
-Can receive assistance for housing & utilities up to two times per year. Once assistance received, must wait 60 days to apply again.

-Funds are not given directly in cash; vouchers or checks are directed to the need.

How Can I Help?
Donations to the Common Fund can be given through your local congregation or by direct mail. Checks should be made out to the CommUnity, with "Common Fund" on the memo line.

Send donations directly to:
1121 S. Gilbert Ct.
Iowa City, IA  52240