To Join

The Consultation of Religious Communities welcomes new members from throughout the Johnson Country area. If you are interested in becoming a member, please download the form below fill it out, and send it to:

Consultation of Religious Communities
PO Box 2025
Iowa City, IA 52244

Consultation of Religious Communities (CRC)

Member Renewal Notice 2019

Please Pay Annual Dues and Activate Membership with this Statement

(Please Print Legibly)


Faith Community/





City________________________________     State_________  Zip______________








Lay Representative____________________________________________________






Mailing Address_______________________________________________________


City__________________________________   State________   Zip_____________


Please use the back of form for additional names and contact information


Annual Membership Dues are now due (Our membership year runs from January through December)

Up to 250 Members/Participants              $50.00

250-999 Members/Participants               $150.00

1000+ Members/Participants                  $250.00


Please make checks out to the Consultation of Religious Communities with Member Dueson the

memo line.  Please include this form with your check.


The CRC strongly encourages member donations to its Common Fund which was established to help meet the emergency needs of people in economic need within Johnson County.  The Common Fund is administered by the Johnson County Crisis Center on behalf of the CRC. 

Please make checks out to the Consultation of Religious Communities with Common Fundon the memo line.  Donations can be made anytime during the year.


Please mail ALL checks to the Consultation of Religious Communities

PO Box 2025, Iowa City, IA 52244-2025




The CRC is a local network of faith communities and social service agencies.  We believe in the dignity of every person, and we share a concern for the quality of life of individuals, their neighborhoods and communities in Johnson County.  We come together for interfaith dialogue, to advocate for social justice, and to help provide for the economically disadvantaged.